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Care and Share Groups

Sunday   6:00 PM
     Sis. Maxine & Maureen Bodden's  home at 389 S. Church Street.
                                            Leader: Sis. Maxine Bodden

Sunday   6:30 PM        Sis. Tonita Hawkins’ home at 12 Ithmar Circle, Sherieffe’s Garden #16 GT
                                            Leader: Sis. Norma Ebanks (meets bi-weekly)

Tuesday  7:00 PM      Bro. Errol McLaughlin, host & leader at 2625 Shamrock Road, Pedro

Tuesday  7:00 PM       Sis. Marji Ebanks, host & leader at 45 Brockah Cl. Mt. Pleasant, West Bay

Saturday  6:30 PM   Family Life Centre, room #9  22 Academy Way, Walkers Rd, George Town,
                                            Leader: Sis. Erica Gordon.


Learn & live according to God's word. Obey it and serve God through it.