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The purpose of our Benevolence Ministry is to draw people closer to Christ by helping to meet their basic financial needs in times of crisis or transition, according to biblical directives and fiscal constraints.
The Benevolence Ministry is intended as a source of last resort, to be used when the family or person requesting assistance has explored all other possibilities of help from family, friends, savings, or investments. 

A request for assistance begins with a
 Benevolence Form  being filled out by the person requesting help or by a Church of God Chapel attendee on behalf of the person in need. Request forms are located in the church office and may be obtained during normal business hours or during weekend services.  A written recommendation from your small group leader would be helpful. Those requesting assistance must also be willing to receive biblical, financial, family, or emotional counseling.

As stated earlier, the purpose of this ministry is primarily to draw individuals closer to Christ.  Every person’s first and greatest need is always to experience God’s love and mercy through a relationship with Jesus Christ.



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