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Peace Making


Conflict typically stresses and strains relationships. When disappointments, offenses, or unmet expectations pile up, our relationships with other people can be damaged or even destroyed. Worse yet, the bitterness and unforgiveness triggered by prolonged conflict grieves the Lord and injures our relationship with him (Isa. 59:1-2; Eph. 4:30-31).

Peacemaking is how we seek to resolve our differences and restore our relationships with God and one another, peacemaking is how we reach out to people who have slipped outside the circle of relational wisdom and pull them back inside so they can enjoy healthy relationships with God and those around them
No matter how well we practice relational wisdom, however, offenses and conflicts will occur … that’s life in a fallen world. Therefore it is wise for Christians to learn how to be peacemakers.

The Bible provides a wealth of wisdom for resolving conflict. These principles are so simple that children can apply them. But they are so powerful that they have been used to mediate and arbitrate bitter divorce and child custody actions, church divisions, business disputes, lawsuits, and sexual abuse cases.
Peacemaking is difficult to learn in the heat of a conflict, when emotions have flared and rational thinking has diminished. Therefore we strongly encourage everyone to develop solid peacemaking skills before differences arise.

Relational wisdom and biblical peacemaking are woven tightly together. The more skilled you become with one set of skills, the better you will be at practicing the other.


Learn & live according to God's word. Obey it and serve God through it.