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Women's Ministry


It was a woman whom God invited to carry His child in her womb, it was a woman who anointed the feet of Jesus, it was women who first went to the tomb of our Risen Savior, women supported Jesus financially and today God is using many women to spread the Gospel and offer many forms of ministry.
Women play an important role in God’s Kingdom and it is with this in mind that we believe God is leading us to begin a ministry that will care for the women in our congregation.
For women to be effective as wives, as mothers, as employees, as servants in God’s Kingdom, it is of utmost importance that we go  back to the Bible to discover God’s ways.

   “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor:
     If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10)
Teaching Women the Biblical principles concerning their role as godly wives, this will help to buildstrong Christian families.  This will be done through special called meetings where guest speakers will be invited to speak on a topic relating to women.  When the effectiveness of both the wives and mothers ministry is observed, other women in the community may be interested in learning opening doors to ministry in the community.
Teaching Women the Biblical principles concerning their role as godly mothers, stressing the importance of  disciplining children in a loving manner starting at an early age.  Disciplined children will relieve their school, our Sunday schools and other children ministry of some of the behavior problems.  The same approach as mentioned above will be used. 
Teaching Women the importance of application of truths they learn from God’s Word.  Only the Word of God that is applied will bear lasting fruit.  This will be incorporated in the abovementioned 3 steps. 
Encouraging women to become involved in small groups.  Fellowship, developing relationship with others and spiritual growth will result.  All these ministries will contribute to spiritual and numerical growth in our church. 
Encouraging women to read by establishing a “book club” where women can meet to discuss a book on a topic relevant to their need which they each have read a portion of.  The establishment of a library will be helpful for this aspect of the ministry, however, in the meantime any room in either of our facilities could serve this purpose. 
Encouraging women to become involved in ministry upon discovery of their spiritual gifts.  The lack of sufficient volunteers presently indicates that there is need for more people to be equipped to  become involved in ministry.  Provide information for the Moms In Touch, Hearts thru Hands, Pantry and feeding and other ministries where women may participate to help them in their decisions as to where to apply their gifts. 
Work with the Women Ministry Coordinator in establishing the Women of the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) program.  This aspect of the ministry has a major emphasis on Missions and other related ministries.   We will make the necessary contacts with the Women of the Church of God in Anderson, Indiana to get all the required resources and learn all about the ministry. 

For more information contact the office at: or give us a call 949-9393

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