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Greetings from Pastor Alson - July 30, 2019


Greetings from Pastor Alson Ebanks

Good day, dear saints! Today Sister Florence Pottinger celebrates her 93rd birthday! She has been in ill-health for quite sometime now. But when I visit her, I am uplifted by her positive attitude and gratitude to the Lord for His unfailing love and faithfulness to her! Her memory is still sharp, and she loves some of the old choruses that we don’t usually sing any longer. “I have decided to follow Jesus,” just slips easily from her lips when I con-verse with her. May God grant her grace and strength for more years of witnessing to His goodness. (Her num-ber is 949-5269.)

Last weekend I officiated over one of the largest funerals in the chapel (attendance wise) in a very long time. The place was full of family and friends of Beverly Cato, Sister Wendy Callander’s sister. Our prayers go out to this family, trusting that something that was said in the songs and message will be seeds, or the watering of seeds for a harvest for God’s kingdom.
This weekend I get to officiate over a small wedding of a young couple who just a week or so ago made a deci-sion to become Christ-followers. My prayer is that they will find encouragement in the church family to grow and flourish in their faith, and become great witnesses for Jesus. Pastor Yolanda led them to the Lord, and was very impressed with their decision to follow Jesus. Do pray for them and encourage them by your words and actions. (You will get to know their names later.)

One of our newest converts, Michael, is really a very natural witness for Jesus. He easily and genuinely talks about his faith to his friends and co-workers as easily as some people talk about their latest car or other purchase, or maybe about some sports achievement. People are being influenced by him and his positive way of being a witness. May I encourage more of you to share with your friends and coworkers what God has done in your life. And invite them to church, Bible study or to your home group. While I’m on this, I want to remind you who are part of our Care groups, that the purpose of these groups is not just to provide a place for you to fellowship and grow, but also to serve as one strategy to grow the church numerically, spiritually and functionally. Any organ-ism that is not growing is either sick or dying. Let life flow in you and out from you to others, just as Michael does naturally.

As I do my weekly visits to some of our home-bound members, one of the things that impresses me about some of them (aside from their positive and thankful attitudes, as with Sis. Florence) is how some always have their tithe or offering prepared even before I reach their home. This is of course the result of years of prac-ticing faithful giving. And even though (as we have been recently told) Cayman is the most expensive place in the world to live, they still give… some every single week. Sometimes it seems that those who have the least, give proportionally more. With that type of faithfulness, they won’t lose, and neither will the church. Congratu-lations to all who have matured in this spiritual discipline. Good stewardship is in a way its own reward.

We have been wonderfully blessed to have Sis. Jacie with us the Summer, especially as she leads our time of worship through singing. She and the other young persons: Jamie, Jaedyn, Justin and Chad make such a wonderful contribution to our time of worship. Encourage them (even if you think we should sing more of this or that type of song); encouragement goes a long way. So, join us again this Sunday morning for both Sunday school and Congregational Worship. Our men’s class just keeps getting bigger and better, and since we use the Sanctuary for our classroom, the room for growth is huge! Again, join us this coming Sunday.

For His Glory!
Pastor Alson Ebanks

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