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Medical Team plan for Sanitizing and Saftey Measures for all Youth and Children Ministries

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Medical Team Plan for Sanitizing and Safety Measures

Medical Team Plan for Sanitizing and Safety Measures for all Youth and Children Ministries
1. Hand Sanitizer to be place in each class room or at doors to the classrooms at all times.
2. Separate chairs in the classrooms and Children Sanctuary to be 3 feet apart.
3. Toddler’s room round tables to be separated and each half to face the same direction and chairs to be placed with the required distance.
4. Offering done like in the Adult Services - the baskets placed either at the center of the table or each child just drop in their offering, or the basket placed elsewhere and the treasurer to collect the baskets at the appropriate time.
5. If snacks are necessary , then there must be pre-packed and served in packages to avoid the least handling.
6. Mask may be worn - but this optional.
7. Parents to receive notice asking them not to send their child(dren) if they are presenting elevated temperature or other symptoms.
8. Children and Youth to be instructed to cover mouth/nose when coughing or sneezing.
9. Similar to Children Choir’s routing , all ministries should have a sign in and sign out sheet to better keep track on children as a safety measure.
10. Lysol, Clorox wipes, alcohol wipes will be available for all classrooms.

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