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Peacemaking Q & A

Does biblical peacemaking create greater legal liability?

→ Does our congregation face a higher risk of legal liability by providing coaching and mediation? The answer is no.

Because coaching and mediation are voluntary activities, courts have consistently supported and protected the process. Peacemaker Ministries is not aware of a single church that has been sued for supporting biblical coaching and mediation.

The best protection against liability is for activities of our ministry Team consistently to follow procedures that reinforce and memorialize the voluntary nature of the process. Although our Teams activities are designed to protect our congregation as much as possible, the benefits of biblical peacemaking far outweigh any potential liability.

What about ongoing training for this ministry?

→ Every team member is committed to participating in ongoing training. Every Team member has received some basic training in the principles of biblical peacemaking based on the Peacemaker Ministries curriculum.

Most of our Team members have also participated in a three-day live coaching and mediation-training event. One of our team members has also enrolled in the Certification Program to become a Certified Christian Conciliator and has completed the basic training course for that.

Peacemaker Ministries is committed to supporting us through some blend of the following:

  • Peacemaking team e-news
  • Peacemaking team magazine
  • Information on upcoming training events
  • Dedicated web location with threaded discussion
  • Best practice case studies
  • “News from the front” – cool tips from other peacemaking teams
  • Continuing education – refreshers or new insights on teaching, coaching, mediation, etc.
  • Encouraging testimonies of great team stories

[1] All those Team members who are indicated with an * have completed the Peacemaker® Ministries training course on Conflict Coaching & Mediation.D