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Triple C School Scholarships

Triple C School Scholarships

  • Interested Scholarship applicants
    1. Complete application and commitment forms and return it to the office by April 15
  • Present Scholarship applicants
    1. Complete renewal form and return it by April 15
    2. All students must submit the last report card in order to be considered.





The church is pleased to be able to provide scholarships to those students who want to attend Triple C School but need financial help with their tuition. 

The following criteria have been established: 

  1. Parent(s) must be Christian and voting members of the Church of God 
  2. Parent(s) must be faithful in attendance and actively and faithfully involved in a ministry of the church.
  3. Parent(s) must demonstrate financial need. 
  4. Student(s) must be able to benefit from the programs currently offered  at Triple C School for their age group. 
  5. Student(s) must be able to contribute positively to the school’s  philosophy and objectives. 
  6. Student(s) must maintain grades commensurate with their ability. 
  7. Student(s) must achieve the citizenship honor roll each quarter. 
  8. Student(s) must conduct themselves honorably off campus. 
  9. Student(s) must attend the church services and participate in a relevant activity or ministry of the church.
  10. Parent(s) must complete the form and provide all requested information to be considered. (See Application Form) 
  11. Student(s) and parent(s) must sign the Scholarship Commitment. 

The term “parent(s)” includes a guardian or other person in the position of a parent to the student.

Preference is given to: 

1. Children who are Caymanian.
5. Children who are in their final years of secondary schooling.
6. Children of Triple C alumni.

Decisions are made by: The Finance and Property Board of the Church of God Chapel

- George Town

 COG-Scholarship Commitment Revised 

COG-Grant-scholarship application-renewal

 COG-Grant-scholarship application 

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