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which meets at George Town, Grand Cayman
(As of 29 October 2018)

Why do we need these Bylaws?
Because our youth are not only the future of our Congregation; our youth are also the present.  These Bylaws provide a recognized role and structure for a Chapel Youth Council (“CYC”) to function within the life and governance of our Congregation.  The model for these Bylaws is the Harmonized Bylaws for all Congregations of the Church of God Chapels as of 27 December 2017 (currently we are affiliated with Congregations in Bodden Town, Cayman Brac, Frank Sound and West Bay).  However, our Congregation has pioneered implementation of these Bylaws that are specifically geared for our youth.
The big picture here is that the youth of our Congregation can and should have meaningful input to youth programs and youth-related activities, not just attend and participate in what adults plan for them.  The CYC is the means and the platform through which such input can routinely be channeled. 

How is the Chapel Youth Council supposed to function under these Bylaws?
A Chapel Youth Member is a born-again Christian age 13 to 20; and he or she is also a voting member when his or her name is on the Current List of Chapel Youth Voters.  A person in that age group, who regularly attends youth-related and other activities of our Congregation but who is not yet a born-again Christian, is a Chapel Youth Attender (and we aim to win him or her to the Lord).
Current Chapel Youth Voting Members are to elect for 1-year terms officers (a President, a Vice President, a Secretary and a Treasurer) and one or more Other Elected Members to the CYC (the number of which is to be determined when the slate of candidates is established for the next Annual Meeting of Chapel Youth Voting Members).  The first CYC officers are: Sharon Roy, President, D’Vonte Joseph, Vice-President; Chad Hernandez, Secretary; and Xandria Bramble, Treasurer.
The CYC also has Ex-Officio Members (our Senior Pastor, our Women’s and Christian Education Pastor, and any person appointed by the Christian Education & Youth Ministries Core Team (“CEYMCT”) to be a liaison to the CYC), who can attend and participate (but not vote) at meetings of the CYC.  From time to time, other persons (such as our Congregation’s Treasurer or our Congregation’s Administrator) may also be invited to attend and to share at these meetings for specific times and purposes. 
The incumbent Chapel Youth President and Treasurer serve as ex-officio voting members of the CEYMCT, which is tasked to oversee the role and functions of the CYC.  Thus, the CYC is to work and coordinate with the CEYMCT, especially to provide input respecting the overall youth program and youth-related activities of our Congregation.  The CEYMCT is chaired by our current Women’s and Christian Education Pastor.
The CYC is charged with responsibility for proposing to the CEYMCT goals and objectives respecting the overall youth program and youth-related activities of our Congregation and identifying how best to carry them out with the various resources available.  The CYC is also to submit budget requests to the CEYMCT and to recommend when and how to spend budgeted funds respecting youth program and youth-related activities.  The President and the Treasurer are to submit their reports periodically to the CEYMCT.
Recognizing that youth is a phase of life (not a permanent status), the CYC is also to encourage, promote and facilitate a smooth and seamless transition of all participants from activities in children ministry to youth ministry to adult ministry in the life of our Congregation.  Thus, a Transitioning Chapel Youth Member is one who is age 16 to 20: at age 16, a born-again Christian (who also meets other voting eligibility requirements under the Harmonized Bylaws) can vote at business meetings of our Congregation.  Bottom-line: these Chapel Youth Council Bylaws aim to facilitate such smooth and seamless transition.

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